Steph (beststephi) wrote,

Steelers on the Brain

This morning I had a dream where the Steelers were playing in the Superbowl in the church parking lot next to my parents' house. Palamaulu intercepted a pass and kept running with it down the street (click click click...) in front of their house, where my van was parked. He was so happy that he shook my van hard enough for the back window to shatter. But he was so nice that he didn't go back to the game, but stayed to fix it himself. I tried to convince him to go back, believe me, I didn't want to be responsible for us losing. (For those of a more superstitious nature, I will not reveal the outcome of the game.)

As is my usual morning routine, I was listening to David Lee Roth incoherently ramble. This time it was about the Super Bowl and he claimed that women aren't interested in football. Which made me 1) angry at his stupidity and tempted to call in, and 2) wonder if Pittsburgh women are unique.
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